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in hvoe, there's two main dimensions, the soulscape/incorporeal and the corporeal (sometimes nicknamed meatscape. good ole meatscape). they intersect and cannot exist without the other. the intersection between them is where all creatures exist.
the soulscape is where many mystical things are possible. it is majority energy-based with its structure being controlled by the matter from the corporeal realm. the corporeal realm, in contrast, relates to matter, which is given energy from the soulscape.
everything, to some extent, exists in both dimensions. however, depending on a creature, it may have more domain in one or the other.
for example, humans are almost half and half, with their minds in the soulscape and their bodies existing in the corporeal realm. the connection between the two realms, in humans, is very small, so they cannot travel closer to one or the other.
unbound entities are largely in the soulscape, but can be give influence in the corporeal world through a human soul.
bound entities develop a stronger connection between the corporeal and incorporeal than humans. this is what allows them to see unbound entities, and summon abilities from the soulscape.
as a bound entity ascends ranks, it develops an even stronger connection, being able to freely move between the two domains and gaining abilities from both.

Because humans have equal domain between corporeal and incorporeal, many angelic and demonic attacks will not hit them. For example, being sliced by an angelic weapon would feel similarly to being hit with a blast of air.

The larger the difference in domain between dimensions, the greater vulnerability a creature has, because it can be destabilized easier.


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