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this is a rundown of the ranking of angels and demons in hvoe. its not really important to know the names.

The top of the angelic rank is God. It isn't certain that God is an angel at all. God creates the majority of angels and dispatches them as necessary. God has immeasurable power.

theta angels: administrative angels that oversee other angels. they have massive amounts of power and can control other angels. considered second-in-command.

gamma angels: employed in swarms to handle outbreaks of demons. could be thought of as an angel task force. are highly specialized in their abilities to handle soulscape or corporeal power.

sigma angels: angels that have a great deal of power. administrate delta angels and preserve the safety of purified areas through noncombatant means.

delta angels: angels that oversee a larger area than tau angels. they can oversee tau angels in their region, but they also are obligated to eliminate demons as necessary.

tau angels: largely considered the "first bound angel", but considered a rank above accidental angels. many populate a small area and eliminate demons through combatant or non-combatant means. they are obligated, but not required, to follow instructions from higher angels.

nu (accidental) angels: unstable formations of humans and angels. occurs when a human attracts and absorbs a compatible angel, binding them together. they tend to be incomplete, and may not even realize that they are angels. they have similar abilities to tau angels with less power.

angels rank up by proving themselves "worthy". whatever that means...

rather than ranks like angels, demons are organized in subsets based upon the main sin they embody. there are very powerful demons for each sin, which influence bound demons of their sin, who have control over unbound demons in their vicinity.


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