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halos and horns

bound angels form halos, and bound demons form horns. these are a part of their body, and are essentially the source of an entity's power. this post is just to detail some of the abilities of halos and horns, respectively.

-allow communication between angels within the same zone
-call unbound angels to an area
-act as a small portal to the soulscape (it cannot necessarily transfer someone's body to the soulscape, but instead allow them to borrow energy from it or put things into it)
-can be transformed into a weapon form. this weapon form can separate energy from matter and banish it to the soulscape. (this turns the energy into vessel-less souls; the matter will dissipate and be returned to the earth.)
-look really cool
-could probably be bent into cool shapes

-allow communication between demons in the same zone
-control unbound demons in the area
-act as a small portal to the soulscape
-can be transformed into a weapon that can separate matter from energy and banish it to the corporeal realm. (essentially, demonic weapons will cause something to become a soulless husk. the energy will dissipate and be used in other creatures.)
-look really cool
-cant be bent into cool shapes. haha suckers

while similar, there are clearly some differences between them. its fun